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But How Can CDMaker offer a Free Android App Development?

We hear what you’re saying – we’re just supposed to do CDS and DVDs. Well, we can’t help it if we care more than the average manufacturing studio.

First, we can also develop sellable apps for Android and iPhone but we suspect we’re a little early to the game on that one so we thought and thought about what would help you NOW – today.

The news isn’t good for music discovery by the average music fan – according to Digital Music News – most people apparently just aren’t into you. (For More Info Read – Why Musicians Should Be Very Sad ABout the Death of The CD .) But some are…

And that’s where you need to focus.

And that’s where our app development can help you – focus on your target fan, the ones that love you the most.

So why an app?

Everything is going mobile – which means its going on the phone.Yes, you should have merch at the table – t-shirts, posters, CDs, DVDS, heck even some outlandish things that they can only get from your show. So even if YOU aren’t mobile – a lot of your fans are.

Everything is heading digital – duh! But even if it is – do you have a way of getting the contact information? I mean if you sold 100 downloads on iTune- do you know how to connect them to let them know about your new shows or latest release?

If you just publish downloads through iTunes or other online stores, you MIGHT sell some. We know of several labels that only publish on vinyl and everything else is downloads from their site. But without a way to reconnect – every time its like you’re starting over at the beginning and having to get their attention again – its expensive and depressing if you’re not building traction. ADVANTAGES of having An App

1. can reach all your fans with a text message

2. can add in a social media aspect making it easy for your fans to connect with you on Facebook

3. Have a place where your shows and dates are updated automatically and you have access where you can update things yourself

4. make more money by selling your downloads yourself from your own site

5. gain perceived coolness because not many bands/artists have their own apps

And that’s just a few of the benefits -

So what’s the catch?

Typically the average app budget is $8000 but you’re not going to pay anything near that. CDMaker will develop the app and host it for 6 months at no additional charge as long as we’re providing the CD and/or DVD duplication and manufacturing. After the 6 months – if you want to continue enjoying the benefits – its just $20 per month payable every 6 months - you can cancel anytime prior to renewal. That’s it.

As you can see – we don’t sell CD duplication – we sell a music delivery system with a social media flare.

Can you imagine using your app as a way to stand out in a sea of new releases at the magazine that features your music? Come on, get real – in truth there is NOTHING newsworthy about releasing your music – EXCEPT for your family and fans. Why not use the tool and get some traction in the world?

Did you know that the average album only sells about 500 copies?

With that in mind, what’s easier – marketing to the whole world OR marketing to the 300 – 500 fans that would buy anything you publish.

You can ignore this and keep on doing what you are doing – OR you can live on the wild side and really work to stand out by choosing CDMaker as your source for CD pressing.

CDMaker invites you to get noticed and make more money. Call us today 800-678-1998 or shoot us an email and we’ll get back with you shortly.

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