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Justin Bieber as a young artist

But before he became the (in)famous music force, Pattie wanted the family that didn’t live near them or wherever Justin was performing, to hear him singing. AND she understood that Youtube could offer a way for her to easily share his performances with long distance family.

There’s the really interesting story about how he was discovered on Youtube and so I got curious about it and started to look into what actually happened behind the story and was there anything in that story that could be applied to music marketing in general on youtube.

Most importantly, could any artist utilize whatever was done without having to hire someone or a whole entourage to get some traction. And then I found it.

In her book, Nowhere But Up, she had this to say about her efforts on youtube.

“Because I was pretty good with technology, I was able to not only upload the videos but also tag them for the search engine in such a way that his grandmother and even other relatives and family friends could easily find them in the YouTube video jungle. I even set up a channel specifically for Justin’s videos called “Kidrauhl.”

But let’s take a look at some of the nitty gritty of what she did with the individual videos themselves.

This is one of the earliest videos Uploaded on Jan 29, 2007.

Title: Justin Singing Rapping Basketball by Lil Bow Wow

Some of the obvious things to note are - he started with covers and Pattie knew a little something.

Popular songs have a following.

Songs like that have what we call search volume i.e. lots of people looking for it on youtube.

And conventional wisdom is that if someone likes a song a video of that same song stands a STRONG LIKELIHOOD that they will be OK if someone they DON'T already know is singing it.

Justin got a lot of views - and they weren't just his grandma hitting the play again button.

If you go to youtube and in the search bar across the top just search for rapping Basketball Lil Bow Wow

Today - after clearing my cache and cookies - it sure looked like Justin's video was being shown above any Lil Bow Wow' video.

And I found a few things you might be able to do that I can share with you that you can start using today in your videos.

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